According to WHO, maternal mortality and infant mortality are caused due to a lack of knowledge of correct stress techniques, such as obstetric emergencies, vaginal edema, bleeding, and even premature exhaustion. By knowing that they want to give birth, it is hoped that primigravida mothers will be able to know the right time, method and position to convey so that it is hoped that it can prevent the possibility of bleeding, edema in the vagina and exhaustion before the time of delivery arrives. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between knowledge of primigravida mothers and correct technique of giving birth at Masdelima Clinic in 2020. This method uses a questionnaire by distributing and directly interviewing 30 primigravida mothers. From direct interviews with primigravida mothers who came to perform ANC with gestational age> 28 weeks, of the 30 respondents there were 10 pregnant women who did not understand the correct technique of giving birth at Masdelima Clinic in 2020. This research is analytic, the population in the study These are all pregnant women as many as 30 respondents. The sampling method uses primary data obtained from questionnaires distributed directly to respondents. The results of the study obtained from the relationship between the knowledge of pregnant women and the correct technique of giving during childbirth, the highest percentage was in the moderate category, the majority of which were 15 respondents (50.0%), the lowest percentage was in the good category, a minority of 5 respondents (16.7%) on the technique of applying correct during childbirth at Masdelima Clinic in 2020. Suggestions in this study are for research sites to continue to provide health education to the community, for educational institutions it is hoped that it can be useful as reading material and information for female students and educational institutions, and for other researchers, hopefully it can be useful as a comparison.