Infant mortality in indonesia has shown a decline, decline in stats helper monkeys occur more slowly in the last 10 years. SDKI results in 2012, "infant mortality in Indonesia amounted to 32 per 1,000 live births, and the cause is as big a factor related to the nutrients that is 35%, pneunomia (20%), diarrhea (3%), and perintal (15%)". The purpose of this research is to know the relationship of nutritional status with the development of toddlers in the working area Clinics Mandala Medan 2020. This research was conducted using the analytic survey design with cross sectional approach. Samples taken i.e. 35 respondents with sampling techniques namely total population. Based on the results of the research done that is good nutritional status and less each of the 12 respondents (12%), and the minority of bad nutritional status as much as 1 respondents (1.0%). And Miyoritas a good Toddler Development as much as 17 respondents (48.6%) and the minority development of toddlers who are not good as much as the 18 respondents (51.4%). After having analyzed using Chi-Square test with a confidence level of 99% and the value of α = 0.1 and note p = (0.021). It was concluded that p < α (Ha suffered), meaning that there is a relationship of nutritional status with the development of toddlers Expected to health workers especially midwives in order to further improve the quality of health services namely providing counseling to mothers and communities about the importance of nutrition ontoddlers.