Injectable contraceptives of family planning 3 months is Depo medroksiprogesterone acetate (Depoprovera), containing 150 mg of DMPA. Administered every 3 months with intramuscular (IM) injected in the buttocks area. This research aims to know the relationship of knowledge and motivation to the acceptor of family planning 3 months with the re-visit observance of village Pandumaan in 2020. This research uses crossectional design. The population in this study was the entire of family planning acceptor in the village health post Panduaman village as much as 169 people and samples of 63 people. Data analysis using Chi Square test. The results of the study existed the knowledge relationship (P = 0.00), motivation (P = 0.002) with the compliance of repeated visits to the injectable of family planning acceptor. For midwives village health post is expected to provide the educational information communication counseling as well as to provide motivation to the elderly couple about the importance of conducting injectable educational information communication visits according to the schedule to prevent the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy.