The Acceptor drop out family planning is an acceptor that stops contraception more than 3 months. This study aims to determine the factors relating to the incidence of the drop out of injectable contraceptives in eastern Village Health Post Zion II year 2020. This research uses crossectional design. The population in this study was the entire injectable family planning acceptor as many as 119 people, and samples of 55. Data analysis using Chi Square test. The results of the study existed the age relationship (P = 0.001), parity (P = 0,026) with the incidence of droup of injectable contraceptives and no education relationship P = (0,560) with the incidence of droup out of the injectable kotrasepsy. Thus it can be concluded that it is expected to the Acceptor family planning in order to be able to take the time to follow the counseling organized by healthcare personnel in the public health center about Droup out so as to increase knowledge, attitude and the skills of the family planning acceptor about Droup out.