Every woman of all time wants a labor that is full of comfort, calm and better that is found in hypnobirthing. Women who had hypnobirthing experiences during childbirth were much calmer and pain was reduced by up to 70%. Self-hypnosis (self hypnosis) and planting of suggestions are the basic principles of hypnobirthing, which are used as exercises during pregnancy. The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge and attitudes of midwives about the Hypnobirthing method on labor pain in the Puskesmas Polonia Medan. The research design used in this research is descriptive with total sampling method, with a sample size of 30 people. From the results of the study, the majority of respondents aged 30-45 years 13 people (43.3%). The majority of respondents' education is D-III as many as 23 people (76.7%). And based on the length of work, the majority of them are 10-25 years as many as 15 people (50%). The majority of respondents in terms of knowledge about hypnobirthing on labor pain were enough as many as 21 people (70%). Based on the attitude about hypnobirthing on labor pain, it shows that the respondents have a positive attitude as many as 27 people (90%). Thus, it is hoped that good cooperation between health workers to provide the best information and services, especially for mothers who give birth, in order to carry out the hypnobirthing method in labor in order to create a safe, comfortable and quality delivery.