According to WHO (World Health Organization) 15% of Indonesia's 240 million inhabitants (Indonesian population data 2012), or about 36% million, were increased disabilitas.3 According to the WHO, the majority of kedisabilitasan were caused as a result of malnutrition and infections during the Pregnancy and childbirth / reproductive infections. In addition, disability causes neonatal mortality, congenital abnormalities are also a cause of birthbreak and abortion spontaneous.3 The purpose of this study to provide mother knowledge about children born of invalidity based on the characteristics in kampong baru My Community Health Center to Determine. Methods in which descriptive methods population and sample obtained 67 respondents of pregnant women, with a total sampling technique sample (population), the measuring instrument hand of a questionnaire. Based on the results of the study, the knowledge of the mother in question showed that the children who were born in disability of 67 respondents showed that most of the 36 respondents (53.7%) showed that they had a disability. At the age of usually good knowledge in the age group 20-35 years, that is 20 respondents (47.6%). Based on the work of the most expert enough about the working group, which included 20 respondents (48.8%). Largely based expert enough on a group of high school education, which included 15 respondents (57.7%). Largely based expert good parity multipara groups, namely 23 respondents (48.9%).