Pregnancy screening is also a test conducted by pregnant women both physically and mentally as well as saving mothers and children in pregnancy, childbirth, time of Nifas, so that the state of post partum healthy and normal, not only physical but also mental. This study aims to determine the factors affecting mothers in conducting Antenatal Care (ANC) visits during pregnancy. The research design used is crossectional. The population of the study was the third trimester pregnant mother who checked her pregnancy at the kenangan public health center in April-July 2019. Research samples of 70 pregnant mothers using Accidental Sampling. Data collection is done using primary and secondary data. Data processing starts from editing, coding, processing and cleaning. Data analysis starts from the univariate and bivariate with the Chi Square test test. The results showed that there was an age relationship of expectant mothers (p = 0.000), media information (p = 0.007), knowledge of pregnant mothers (p = 0.001), education of pregnant women (p = 0.001), husband support (p = 0.000) with the ANC visit during pregnancy. There is no parity relationship with expectant mothers with ANC visits during pregnancy (p = 0.273). It is hoped that the expectant mother can make a visit to the health ministry so that pregnant women can know the condition or state of their health during pregnancy.