Introduction; The Global Disease Burden (GBD) study found diarrheal disease to be a cause of global death, around 1.3 million deaths per year, but the main cause in children under 5 years. Diarrhea is an endemic disease in Indonesia and is a potential for extraordinary events that often occur with death. The purpose of this study was to look at environmental factors for the occurrence of diarrhea. Materials and Methods This research design uses Analytical Research using the Cross Sectional design. This research was conducted in the Sanggiran Community Health Center, Simeulue Barat District, Simeulue Regency. Total population of 134 inhabitants and the sample in this study used a random sampling technique with a total sample of 38 people. Results; This study uses the Chi-Square test to see the relationship of environmental factors, namely clean water facilities, toilet facilities, waste management facilities, and waste water disposal with waste events in the community with a sig value (0.003) <α = 0.05, (0.251)> α = 0.05, (0.001) <α = 0.05 and (0.004) <α = 0.05. Conclusion; There is a relationship between environmental factors consisting of clean water, waste treatment facilities and waste disposal facilities with the event that there is no relationship between toilet facilities and diarrhea.